Life has its fair share of awkward moments along the journey.

Verbalizing low marks for the entrée in front of you with the cook right behind you.

Slipping the wrong size ring on your fiancé during the wedding ceremony

Falling flat on your face … anywhere!

Getting into your car at the parking lot but the key does not work. Then realizing this isn’t your car!

Spreading fertilizer on your grass, only to realize a few hours later it was actually grass killer.

Standing in front of the class at school, ready to begin your presentation, but nothing wants to come out of your mouth.

The list of such embarrassing incidents is endless; a list you hope could just simply disappear. But ask yourself this? Was a sovereign God in absolute control at that moment? Was He able to intervene to prevent such a situation?

God has a plan, even if we don’t. If simply ridding your life of some pride resulted, should not that be enough? So too, perhaps we ought not take ourselves too seriously. After all, it really isn’t all about us, now is it?

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