The Bible tells me so!

You have a point to prove so you begin to research a plethora of resources as you garner support for your view. Citing articles and books, you develop quite the bibliography to substantiate your position. Hours later with pages of evidence neatly arranged, you finish your project. You hit “Submit” and send the document to the professor.

Such an approach is quite typical, not just for academic pursuits but for life in general. An idea or opinion begins to formulate in our minds, so we initiate the process of accessing information that will lend credence to our belief. It’s how we roll.

This often flavors our slant with the Bible. A particular view or assumption lodges itself in our mind, then we accumulate all the verses we can to validate it. That’s dangerous! Coming to the Bible with a preconceived notion you want to prove and corroborate with random texts is backwards. The Word of God is not to approve us but to reprove us. It is not to read in our meaning but to exegete its meaning.

Many erroneous beliefs begin with this similar approach. The starting point should not be what you think about the Bible or hear about the Bible (from a friend, in an article, at a conference) but what the Bible asserts. Let the Word of God speak to you (in context) before you speak for it. That approach will curtail many false notions!

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