No Comprende

Not everyone “gets” you, do they? You speak English and they speak Japanese. You use ketchup and they use mustard. You drive a Chevy and they drive a Ford. You live on one side of the tracks and they live on the other. Your paths simply do not connect, no matter how hard you try.

Such “disconnects” will continue in a broken and fallen world. You will not connect with everyone and everyone will not connect with you. That’s especially true if you reside in the kingdom of God and the one you seek to link with doesn’t. You cannot fit a round peg in a square hole!

Welcome to the life of Jesus. Leaving the splendor and glory of heaven, He entered the darkness of this world where humanity did not comprehend the Light. He came to save; they chose to condemn. He came as a Lamb; they wanted a Lion. He will be the millennial king; they wanted a political ruler. He came to bring spiritual healing; they wanted only physical healing.

And yet, He continued to reach out and minister to a world that rejected Him. So too must you as a follower of Christ. This world will not “get” you, but they didn’t “get” Him. Don’t give up; don’t quit. Your efforts are not in vain.

At the cross, one of those two criminals hanging with Jesus did believe. And that day, His life changed for all eternity.

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