That's So Strange!

You’re vacationing in Europe and after renting a car, you exit the facility and turn onto the highway, only to soon realize that everyone is driving on the opposite side of the road and now, you are too. How strange!

You’re with your buddies in a pickup game of softball. To add some goofiness to the fun, you all agree that everyone has to bat and throw from their non-dominant side. All right-handers have to bat and throw left-handed and vice versa. How different!

You begin an introductory course in Hebrew. It’s not too long before you discover that instead of reading left to right, Hebrew is read right to left. What’s more, you begin at the end, not the front. How odd!

When we do things differently, they’re uncomfortable and uneasy. Since it’s not natural, we struggle to adjust quickly. And yet, every time we present the glorious gospel of Christ to lost people, we’re invading their comfort zone with that which is rather quite foreign to them. Unwittingly, we expect them to get it – immediately!

Exercise grace and patience as you speak the good news to an unbelieving world. What’s become natural to you isn’t to them. Remember how different it once was for you! Allow time for this new “way of life” to sink in!

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