I Can't See

Occasionally at birthday parties, one of the main games is “Pin the tail on the donkey.” A child is handed a tail, blindfolded, spun around once or twice for good measure (and to thoroughly confuse him!), then left to find the donkey onto which he is to pin the tail. It’s a great game – for those watching. But for the poor soul who’s wandering aimlessly, it’s quite the challenge.

At times, the world looks at Christianity like this. These zealous but mistaken followers have an ancient map (i.e. Bible) in which to guide them to “find God.” By adhering to a collection of “Do’s” and “Don’ts,” they attempt to live a moral life that, when it’s all said and done, will hopefully enable them to have their good outweigh their bad and thus, deserving of entering heaven.

But Christianity is not a “pin the tail on the donkey” game. It is not a way to get to heaven that’s based on a works philosophy. And the Bible isn’t an archaic manuscript that has legalistic rules and regulations meant to somehow appease a higher power.

On the contrary, God sent His Son to this earth to offer to man what he could never earn – eternal life. He gave man His “breathed-out” word in order to know Him. And He did not leave His followers to figure it out on their own but gave the Holy Spirit as the guide to truthful living. Man was never intended to wander in darkness but instead, to have his blindfold removed as he stepped into the light. Have you? Today, you can know!

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