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Who doesn’t want a green, lush lawn – with of course, minimal maintenance J! And with that beautiful yard, we strongly prefer no weeds, no bugs, no critters, and no unwanted guests! Ah, backyard bliss!

Unfortunately, that will never happen. Ever since the first garden, the expectation of a perfect yard vanished. Instead, we experience dandelions, mosquitoes, drought, and a whole host of other annoyances.

However, it was never intended to be that way. The original plan began with God in wonderful fellowship with Adam and Eve. In their sinless yet untested innocence, these two delighted in God’s company. Three wasn’t a crowd!

Yet into such serenity stepped a serpent who would wreak havoc on these two earthly inhabitants. Deceiving the woman by questioning God’s goodness and raising doubt about God’s instruction, his temptation led Eve to take of the forbidden fruit and then give to her husband. On that dark day, everything changed as sin entered and death instantly followed.

Satan wielded his influence that day as he introduced conflict and doubt into the equation. It’s a reminder that we can never underestimate his schemes or his strategies. He is not some tame cat but instead, a roaring lion. Be on guard!

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