Now I See It!

Four people in the same car drive by a construction site. One person notices all the workers idly standing around and the lack of progress. Another person observes the places along the site where different conversations seem to be unfolding. Another passenger identifies the numerous pieces of machinery necessary for the project. And finally, the fourth person computes the length of the traffic in comparison to the length of the construction zone.

Isn’t it amazing that several people looking at the very same picture can leave with entirely different observations? Actually, no! We’re human, so different aspects appeal to different people. What’s of special interest to one individual may not be so important to the next one.

Not surprisingly, even the gospel accounts of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John do the same. Though reporting on many of the same events and conversations, they zero in on different details as they highlight different observations.

And yet, believers can see life in an altogether different vantage point than this world. Christians have the mind of Christ and can observe life through the lens of scripture. Unlike this world, believers can have a big picture view that includes the God who is in control and His plan which has its parameters identified in the Bible. So, take a look around you – with the right glasses!

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