More than a pet!

They’re there when you leave the house and when you arrive back home. Though they don’t talk, they do communicate. When you’re lonely, they step in as companions. Though not human, they soon become family. As much as they can annoy you, they also delight you. And as much as they get under foot, they remain close by your side.

Whether it’s Fido, Fluffy or Fred, your pet truly is a source of comfort. While they may need an occasional visit to the vet, their costs remain substantially less than many other pursuits and adventures in life. Yes, pets are worth their weight in gold – and then some.

Scripture weighs in on this topic with much attention afforded to this segment of God’s creation. From cover to cover, animals, birds, fish and insects populate the holy pages. God seems to take great delight with this portion of His creation as He employs them as teachable moments in the lives of His people as well as showcasing His glory through them.

Don’t underestimate the incredible amazement of creatures in God’s plan. If all of creation is a continual message that He speaks, then we have much to learn from animals and the like. Everything from A (Antelope) to Z (Zebra) becomes an object lesson for the Professor to instruct His students in the classroom of life. So, don’t miss it!

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