Do I Know You?

The little child hugs the pair of legs in front of him, only to look up a moment later and discover it’s not his father or mother. Oh no, a case of mistaken identity.

Several minutes into the conversation with the salesgirl, she interrupts you to say, “I think you want to talk to my twin sister.” Oh no, another case of mistaken identity.

Cutting off the coach who’s walking to his car with a serious concern about your son, the coach politely responds, “I think you want to talk to the soccer coach. I’m the lacrosse coach.” Oh no, still another case of mistaken identity.

It happens to all of us. And yet no one was more misunderstood and more misrecognized than Jesus Christ – even today! At the heart of it is just that – an unwillingness of heart to submit oneself to the One whom everyone will one day stand before and give an account of their lives. Make no mistake, creation will stand before its Creator.

Who is Jesus to you? You really do not want to get His identity wrong. His name is above all other names and only by His name will you get your name in the Book of Life. Have you bowed your heart in submission to Him by acknowledging your sinful condition and the need of His great rescue? If not, your name is not on His list!

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