Go Ahead and Enter!

Perhaps you’ve encountered this scene: While dining at a restaurant, you dismiss yourself from the group to attend to your needs. Asking directions for the restroom, upon arriving, you have a brief awkward moment: Which door do I enter? It’s not a question of knowing your gender but the absence of name plate that reads “Men” or “Women.” Instead, you find a foreign word for “man” that does not register in your brain. So momentarily, you wonder which door you should push on because you really would not rather add any embarrassment to your night.

Doors allow us to enter or exit a room or a building. Depending upon their composition, we usually don’t know what’s on the other side. What students are in this class as I open the door on this first day of school? What is the interviewer like who sits in the room on the other side of that door? What attitude does my spouse have as I enter the front door of our home?

Of all the doors, one stands apart from all the others. John 10 records these very words from Jesus: “I am the door” (10:9). Jesus identifies Himself as the door, the opening, that “if anyone enters by … he will be saved.” When you enter the door of salvation, when you respond to His invitation, what lies beyond overflows with the very best from God.

Have you entered His door? Have you believed on the Lord Jesus? Don’t delay. Enter today.

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