How Well Do You Know Him?

A friend isn’t the same as a good friend and a good friend isn’t the same as a best friend. Though you know about your friend, you really know your best friend. Though you have some confidence in a friend, you really trust your best friend. Though your friend will help at times along the way, your best friend is there at the most crucial moments. Though your friend may sense your pain, your best friend accompanies you through the trial and onto the other side.

Such a distinction of familiarity is especially true when it comes to the world’s perception of Jesus Christ in contrast to that of His followers. Ask those around you about Jesus and you will likely hear answers like: “He was a teacher. He was a prophet. He was a role model. He was a compassionate man. He was a humble person. He was the son of a carpenter.”

While such statements are true, they flow from the lips of those who look at Jesus from a distance. These comments source from those who see Jesus as a mere man and not the Son of God. But when you truly know Him, He is so much the more. He is Savior, Redeemer, Friend, Physician, Counselor, Creator, King, Lord, Prince, Rock, Vine, Way.

Who is Jesus? Don’t ask others or watch a movie or read a commentary. Instead, open the Bible and meet Him personally. When you do, everything changes.

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