On the Same Page

Identical twins have much in common. Obviously, they look alike (J). Sometimes, their parents will dress them alike. They’re the same age/grade. They live in the same house and attend the same school. But identical twins also have many distinctions. They think differently, they have different fingerprints, they enjoy different foods, they receive different grades, they have different IQs, and they ultimately will marry different spouses.

Interestingly, twins have the same DNA. But that doesn’t lead them to make the same choices or decisions. Yes, they are two very distinct people who simply look alike.

On the divine side, God the Father and God the Son are one. Though two distinct Persons, they are one God. They have the very same divine DNA and all their choices and decisions are exactly consistent with each other. Unlike identical twins who think differently and act differently, the Father and the Son remain on the same exact page – always.

This divine “dynamic duo” works in perfect harmony. From salvation to sanctification, they partner for your good. They’re committed to complete what they’ve begun in you. But unlike identical twins, you will never receive mixed signals. Instead, you will have confidence to completely trust in the Godhead as the divine plan unfolds before your very eyes.

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