A Really Deep Cleanse

When the car gets dirty you head to the car wash or, if you are a DIYer, you get out the hose and spray it down.

When the wedding ring gets a little tarnished, you stop in at the local jeweler and they soak it and brush the impurities away.

When the dinner is over and the dirty dishes are piling up in the sink, you load them in the dishwasher for a long cycle.

When the boys come in from playing outside in the mud, you march them upstairs and into the bathtub for a thorough scrub.

When the traffic on the carpet hasn’t ceased for months, you clip the coupon and call the cleaning company for an appointment.

Indeed, things get dirty, tarnished, faded, soiled and dull over time and in need of a deep cleansing. And then, just like that, the item looks almost brand new.

All these possessions are scrubbed from the outside. How unlike our spiritual lives that commence with God’s working in us through His Spirit washing us by the Word. We can certainly try an external cleanse to look good, but that’s very temporary.

Not only is God with you, He is in you. And He who began that good work of salvation will be faithful to complete it. With Him at work in you, now go out and let that light shine brightly!

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