The Final Act

For the infant, it’s trying to coordinate his hands and his feet.

For the elementary schooler, it’s trying to master the alphabet and the multiplication tables.

For the teenager, it’s trying to maneuver through emotions, relationships, grades, and future.

For the twenty-something, it’s trying to get settled in this world with a career or at least a paycheck.

For the thirty-something, it’s trying to establish a family or decide if this career thing is going anywhere.

Fact is, life is hard no matter what your age. Though many adults wouldn’t mind the challenges of a five-year old like choosing a favor, every chapter of life is hard in a fallen world.

Yet there’s one event that seems to top the charts on difficulty – facing our last breath. Arriving at the final moment of our lives can create much anxiety and concern. Who will …? What will …? When will …?

Instead of modeling man’s reactions, why not imitate Jesus’ responses? In the face of death, He points us to something far more important and far more essential. He is able to rescue us from the worse that death can bring! Look to Him!

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