Cash Only?

What a beautiful color. Who doesn’t want a lush, vibrant, healthy green lawn? Brown spots and ragweed can vacation in someone else’s yard!

What a healthy lunch. A generous portion of greens topped with peppers, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, and sesame seeds. But easy on the salad dressing.

What a wonderful glow. A green light to keep you quickly traveling down the road and on your way. Red lights can be for the other drivers.

Yes, green is an excellent choice of color. In fact, for the majority of people, it’s the language of enjoyment. The “green” enables you to frequent restaurants, purchase a nice toy, prepare for a rainy day, and handle the unexpected. Indeed, for many, “green” makes the world go round.

And yet, green can also latch itself to your heart and hinder good decision making. If money is the primary factor, it may take you down some slippery slopes and around some dangerous curves that leave you wounded in your spiritual walk and worse, shipwrecked in your faith.

The pursuit of “green” can hinder or thwart your effectiveness for the Lord. Beware of greed that links to the “green.” Listen to Jesus: “You cannot worship God and money” (Matthew 6:24).

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