Same old, same old

You return to the doctor for your yearly exam only to discover that your blood pressure is still high. So you up the prescription one more time.

You drive to work on the same route drinking the same coffee doing the same job eating the same lunch for the past twenty years.

Your turn to pray arrives in your church small group and you blurt out, “Thank you for this food we are about to receive.”

You look at options for a summer vacation and a few minutes into it, you decide to return to the same location – for the fifteenth year in a row.

Friend, you’re in a rut! “Oh, but I like my routines and my patterns!” Seriously! Who are you kidding? You need a change or you may win the award for the dullest human being.

The same certainly occurs in our spiritual lives. We can find ourselves in ruts: attending church week after week without an engaged heart, daily reading the Bible without application, praying without expecting answers, and wanting to get around to sharing our faith but not doing it.

It’s time for a life change. And today can be the start of a new direction in your life. You ready?

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