You and your wife prepare to leave for your date. The babysitter should be here soon to care for your kids. That’ll cost you.

Your aging grandmother cannot completely take care of herself, so the children decide to secure a home healthcare nurse. That’ll cost you.

The informant testifies in court against a crooked businessman. In exchange for his testimony, he enters the witness protection program. That’ll cost us.

You arrive at the airport garage to park your car and fly to your vacation destination. You leave your car in this sheltered garage for a few days. That’ll cost you.

While others will care for you – and your possessions – it comes with a price tag. Ante up and they will gladly provide their services to you. It all comes at a cost.

How often have you stopped to consider the incredible care that God offers His children? He accompanies us every minute of every day as He protects, provides and preserves. He knows what lies ahead as He delivers the exact amount of grace to endure it. He never tires of your presence and He delights in your fellowship. He remains faithful despite your faithlessness.

Best of all? It’s absolutely free. Perfect care at the perfect price!

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