Look Again

Ever notice how complacent we are with our surroundings? We seldom pause to contemplate the standard products and processes of life. In fact, even if the picture changed slightly, we might not notice for a while – if at all.

This settled mindset extends to our homes, cars, workplaces, travel patterns, morning routines, bedtime rituals, and on and on. We motor along thoughtlessly past the normal matters of life.

The same can be true of our spiritual disciplines, especially prayer and Bible reading. Our times talking with God may remain littered with the same old openings, the same old phrases and the same old endings. No matter where we pray, the “what” stays the same, like worn-out scripts.

And when we do open the Bible, we skim over recognizable passages since we’ve read them before. Or, our mind wanders so even when our eyes meet the printed page, our heart does not open for intake.

We need a change; a fresh perspective; a renewed focus. We need to shake off the rust and engage the Lord with a sensitive mind and a ready heart. Instead of the same old approach, why not approach God with expectancy, delight and openness? This Christmas, reflect on the nativity narrative with fresh new eyes. You might just be surprised at what you see.

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