The "Really" Good Doctor

Just over two hundred years ago, this mythical monster appeared in a fictional novel named after his creator. Although some get confused, the monster's name isn't Frankenstein; that's the doctor who "built" him in his home laboratory. But because the doctor's flawed experiment did not fit into society, he returns to the doctor with angry vengeance. A sort of thanks doc, but no thanks for giving me life!

In the miracle of salvation, the divine Doctor breathes brand new life into us. Yes, outwardly we are the same. But inwardly, everything changes. We are given a new heart, a new purpose, a new destiny, a new family, a new song, a new desire, and a new security. Truly, we are a new creation!

Unlike Dr. Frankenstein, God makes absolutely no mistakes. He recreates us perfectly. Yet like this mythical doctor's creation, we do not "fit" into society as we did before. Indeed, we have been set apart from this world and are to live so much different from society.

Oh, and one more thing: Unlike that ungrateful creation by the laboratory doctor, every new creation in Christ should be thankful every single day for his new existence. Are you? Start the new year with this daily new resolution!

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