Very Different

Look up, down or around and you quickly notice the amazing handiwork of God. While rainbows in the sky and roses in the vase and pets in the house tend to receive more attention, it only scratches the surface of His perfect work. Go deeper and look further and you’ll really begin to lean into the awesome effort of the Most High.

Yet on the sixth day of the week of creation, God did something unique. Unlike all the rest of His work, He made a vast distinction in one area of His creation when He fashioned humanity in His own image. Man mirrors God! Several divine attributes attach themselves to humanity, such as love, truth, and justice. No other realm of His creation images Him.

With man as the apex of His design, it does not surprise that He pursues man in order to redeem him from the fall. Enclosed in an earth suit, God becomes man and resides on earth for thirty years, then offers up His life on a cross so sinful people could be saved. God cared enough about humanity to send His Son as the rescuer – even to the point of death.

Yet make no mistake. God does not love man because he is valuable. Man is valuable because God loves him. And that makes all the difference. The love of God affirms that humanity is special in His eyes. So too, humanity ought to be special to you. Honor, respect and love others. That’s valuable living.

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