Bend the knee

Consider the many ways you are served when you check into the average hotel. The front desk clerk gives a warm welcome and provides you with the room number and key. Upon entering that room, you can be thankful that someone cleaned it earlier that day. You return to the front lobby and enjoy a cup of coffee, pleased someone is tending the refreshments. You slip over to the pool and jump in, appreciative someone watches over this facility. Back in your room, the television isn’t working so you call the front desk and fifteen minutes later, a maintenance man arrives. The next morning you stop in the lobby to eat breakfast, compliments of the hotel but the work of the staff.

Actually, in the above scenario, perhaps we aren’t so aware of how many different people serve us during the course of a one-night stay at the hotel. Even more, we likely aren’t so much grateful as we are expectant of such service. Truth of the matter is, we like to be served and tend to take it for granted.

Yet no matter our position in life, we were designed to serve. Whether a CEO or VP or janitor or night watchman, we have the privilege to serve others. God Himself models that as He stoops to wash the feet of His disciples. Though Creator, He bows down to clean the grime of His created. Even God wasn’t above serving! Are you? Have you forgotten the marching orders for all believers: Love your neighbor as yourself. Serve them.

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