Slow Down

Rushing through life may cause us to miss a number of special moments along the way. Eating our meal hurriedly may prevent us from thoroughly appreciating the many diverse flavors in our food. Wishing this day to pass or our kids to “grow up” may lead us to regret what lessons we could have learned.

This desire to accelerate the process can also hinder our study of God’s Word. With so many demands on our time and projects before us, we may be tempted to breeze through our time in the Bible and miss some sizeable insights for the day. Worse yet, we may even delude ourselves that we’re okay since we read the Bible, checked our box, and dutifully moved on.

The Scriptures contain great discoveries each and every time you open its pages. The God of the universe has breathed out His pure, powerful, purposeful word to you. And when you listen to it, really listen to it, prepare for some incredible insights. It’s a timeless treasure for your present realities as you look ahead.

So, why not slow down today as you read the Bible. Notice the structure of the passage, the choice of words, the repetition of certain phrases, the use of Old Testament quotes, and the inclusion of exaggerated speech or vivid illustrations. Use the mind of Christ every believer has been given (1 Cor. 2:16) as you are led by the Spirit of God (Galatians 5:18) into profound findings. Unearth the incredible gems before your very eyes!

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