Life Happens

Stranded on the side of the road is not a desired place. Whether the steam is pouring out of the radiator or a tire is completely flat or the serpentine belt broke or something far worse, watching cars buzz by while you sit idly by is a gloomy proposition.

Such a scenario can and does occur in our spiritual travels. At junctures along the way, we encounter some problems and the once joyful journey suddenly slows down and may even come to a grinding halt. Once vertical, we now find ourselves horizontal.

More individuals than you may think also experienced similar situations in the Bible. Whether a pothole or a landmine or something in between, followers of God lost focus along the route. Life happens and when it does, we don’t always have a Godward response.

Thankfully, the sufficiency of Scripture is available for a fresh fill-up as the Spirit of God remains there to guide us. Whatever comes our way is no surprise to the Governor of the universe, so trust Him to use it for good in your life. None of us have arrived and we will not until we cross the finish line. But do know that all those in Christ will cross that line.

Endure the journey. Stay vertical, even if life tempts you to go horizontal. Remember Who is always with you in the mission.

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