Look Ahead!

Life knocks us around and sometimes, even backwards.

□ The inevitable news from the doctor

□ The costly repair estimate from the mechanic

□ The pink slip from the company

□ The surprise visit from the in-laws

□ The phone call during the night from a family member.

□ The breakup of your good friend’s marriage

Life is hard and sometimes, we find ourselves reeling from its effects. We live so close to the fateful news that it appears overwhelming and devastating. The walls are closing in and the outcome is uncertain and unsettling.

Thankfully, there’s Someone who doesn’t just talk to you, He walks with you. The God of the universe entered this universe as He wrapped Himself in an earth suit. He faced your experiences, so He sympathizes with your challenges. And when the night seems long and dark, He is with you.

Whatever you’re facing, look ahead and not behind. He is preparing your future home and has provided the way to get there. In the meantime, your heavenly Father keeps watch over you. Despite what it feels like, you’re not in this alone!

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