Road Trip

Aren’t trips great? Especially long-distance ones where:

◊ the kids are asking after a few miles, “Are we there yet?”

◊ you suddenly realize that you may have left the stove on.

◊ the car begins to make a new sound – a loud one!

◊ the driving speed is zero due to an accident up ahead

◊ you realized two hours ago you made a wrong turn

◊ the hotel you booked doesn’t have your reservation

Yes, aren’t trips great? Truth is, everyone is on a trip, whether we know it or not. No, we may not have even left our own town for months but we’re still on a trip – a spiritual one.

Such a trip will take you toward God as you choose to follow His way or further from Him as you pursue your own will. Both paths incur roadblocks and potholes and challenging conditions, but only one has God as a partner. For the believer, we never go it alone – no matter how lonely we may presently feel.

Where are you in the journey? Are you drawing near to God or falling away? Is He Lord of your life or simply another aspect of your life? While life in Christ isn’t without difficulty, the journey is so much joyful and the pathway is so much more blessed.

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