Time to Stretch

Every parent has heard these words from someone who hasn’t seen their child in a while: “My how your son has grown!” And yes he has. From one moment crawling under the end table to one day jumping over the end table, he grows. The little tike soon becomes a young man.

Indeed they grow. Yet at some point, they don’t. That perpetual growth spurt winds down. They hit their peak and there’s nothing more they can do to gain stature. In fact, during latter years of the aging process, they’ll even begin to compress L.

As sure as a child grows up, so too should the child of God. Yet while our physical growth is natural, our spiritual growth is supernatural. And unlike our physical growth plateauing, our spiritual growth should never flat line.

We all “arrive” at a certain physical stature on this earth. But we should never think we will arrive at a certain spiritual stature on this earth. The depth of holiness is too great and the wealth of His Word too deep for us to exhaust our growth in Christ. Until the very last breath we take, there is more room to increase in faith and mature in trust.

So what are you waiting for? Grow up … and keep growing! It’s the very plan of God for your life. And until you see Him face to face, the process is still in process!

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