I Can Hear You!

Several years ago, Verizon ran a series of ads with the phrase, “Can you hear me now?” Paul, the “test man,” would move to a whole host of different spots in the country to test if the cell signal could still be received on his phone. And of course it was!

Interestingly, Paul left Verizon and is now the lead guy for Sprint as he appears as the main character in their television commercials. Apparently, Verizon was not listening to him that well – or he to them; hence, his new employment.

Life happens. Relationships change as old ones are replaced with new ones. Issues arise and suddenly, we no longer communicate with that individual we once connected with on a regular basis.

Yet unlike our horizontal associations, our vertical alliance with God continues without fail – on His part. Though we alone bring the “issues,” He perseveres in His faithfulness to us and with us. We never ever have to say in this divine arrangement, “Can you hear me now?” He always does!

Why? Because this connection never ultimately depends on man but on God. He initiated contact with us when He stepped into this world as a Babe in a manger and later exited after He walked right out of the tomb on that third day. So though our earthly relationships fall short, our heavenly one need not.

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