Rejected by Man

Everybody loves to be wanted, right? We long to be respected, included, accepted and approved by others. Conversely, no one truly wants to find themselves on the outside looking in or to be that square peg in a round hole.

We desire the praise of men. We really do. As much as we deny it, we inwardly scream for it. Even though we know that the praise of God is far better, our flesh sadly craves the momentary affections of others instead of the eternal delight of God. Ouch!

Such approval of others only deepens the difficulty Christians experience on this earth where we are in this world but not of this world. This isn’t our home and the practices and philosophies we encounter are not godly and holy. Unbelievers around us do not understand us and never really will. At times, it does seem like we’re in this all alone.

Thankfully, we’re not. The God of the entire universe accompanies us each and every step along the journey. There is never even a nanosecond when we are without Him. Yes, we may experience loneliness but we are not alone.

Christian, do know that this world does not love you. That’s okay. They did not love the Savior either but look where He now resides and where those who rejected Him now dwell! The best is yet to come. Wait for it!

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