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The “stars” tend to capture the public’s attention. And yet, the best player on the basketball team still needs four other players with him! So too, without background vocals and musicians, the lead singer will not sound as good as she could. And without the elected official’s cabinet, where would the official really be?

Those in the background often get overlooked and underappreciated. That’s why it is call the “background.” Yet without such support for those in the forefront, those in the forefront would not be in the forefront!

When we consider the trinity, the oft-neglected person is the Holy Spirit. While the Father and the Son get much attention, He gets very little focus. For whatever reasons, the Spirit of God seems to linger in the background in most of our minds.

But without the Spirit, we would be in trouble. His ministry in believers and unbelievers is incredible and expansive. He indwells, convicts, convinces, seals, fills, grieves, engifts, affirms, baptizes, prays, teaches and guides. That’s a lot of personal ministry!

Though the Spirit aligns Himself under the Father and the Son, do not think for even one moment that He is any less important. Yes, He is God but He is also essential to a person coming to Christ (i.e. salvation) and growing in Christ (i.e. sanctification).

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