You wake up in the morning and the same routines await you day after day after day. You could practically do them in your sleep and maybe some of you do. J

Life isn’t so different from such morning routine, is it? We go to the same job on the same route in our same car to work alongside the same people the same hours in the same role. Sounds like a lot of variety, right? K

Is it any wonder Americans get bored and disenchanted with their jobs – let alone life itself. Going through the motions in the same tasks on a constant basis soon can siphon the joy from the day and usher in regret.

That’s why the Christian life is SO different. The time in God’s Word brings new discoveries and insights each and every time you open the Bible. Since life has new challenges and new chapters and new quests, so too His compassions are new every morning (Lamentations 3:23).

And then, there’s the very matter of our sanctification (i.e. our walk with God). We are commanded to work it out, to exercise it, to stretch forward and to press on. Such actions involve a number of new disciplines and steps and commitments.

Life in Christ is not boring. Every new day brings with it another exacting measure of grace by God Himself. So enjoy!

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