I Regret to Inform You

The birth of a baby brings so much joy and delight into the world. All the family members want to hold the newborn. There’s plenty of smiles and giggles as this little one makes new discoveries. Presents and balloons decorate the room as this infant begins his or her new life. Many dreams and hopes flood the scene as to the future of this baby.

Conversely, death is vastly different. Gone are the smiles as sorrow storms the scene. Joy and delight, if any, are tucked in the background as sadness and solemnity flood the foreground. Instead of hellos, there are goodbyes. Instead of holding the loved one, there is separation. Instead of dreams to be realized there are hopes left unfilled.

No matter how you dress up death, it is still death. The nicest service and the abundance of well-wishers does not change the result – a loved one has passed away. No more memories will be made or words exchanged with this deceased one. Death is final.

But as believers, EVERYTHING is different. We have a “hope sure” that this loved one has been raised to newness of life in the most excellent of places with the most excellent One. Life has truly just begun for the person leaving their earth suit behind. Rejoice, for Jesus walked right out of that grave and so too every believer has been given this victory of eternal life.

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