Can You Hear me Now?

Sensitivity affects many different people in many different ways.

Those who are pale skinned are sensitive to prolonged exposure to the sun.

Those who have peanut allergies need to stay clear of even the smell of it in the air.

Those who have a form of autism can have an adverse response to sound.

Those who have a crack in their tooth may have a heightened reaction to cold liquid.

Not everyone has a sensitivity to everything, but everyone ever born has a spiritual insensitivity that begins with a blindness to God. Though created in the image of God, the entrance of sin has left man unable to seek after Him (Romans 3:11).

Thankfully, the Son of God stepped into time and offered up His life on a cross. His death, burial and resurrection changed everything and enabled humanity to have a spiritual sensitivity.

An old cell phone commercial involved a man walking around to different places and asking, “Can you hear me now?” If you are in Christ, you can hear Him wherever you are. But if you have never trusted Christ as Savior, you have a spiritual insensitivity. You cannot hear Him although He is only a call for mercy away.

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