We Agree!

It happens when you marry.

It happens when your family heads out for a road trip.

It happens when you move to college and get a roommate.

It happens when you interact with your supervisor.

It happens when you start a project with others.

It happens when you live alongside a neighbor.

It happens … it really does happen!

What? What really happens? Disagreement, differences, and even conflict. Human relationships are absolutely important and truly essential, yet they insert stress and anxiety into the equation since all parties are imperfect.

Contrast that with the alliance between the heavenly Father and His Son. Always and ever on the same page, they commune perfectly with each other at all times. Never a tiff, never a squabble; instead, only eternal bliss.

This “dynamic duo” stands with us and before us and even for us as we walk this earthly journey. Their plan for us is error free and exactly what we need. Every time we turn to God, we find Someone home and that Someone has a listening ear.

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