The little girl flails her arms as she struggles to stay afloat in the water. Just as her strength gives out and her body goes under, a man jumps in and saves her.

While playing hide-in-seek, the four-year-old slips out to his grandparent’s garage and spots a place to hide. Closing the door of the unplugged, old refrigerator, it locks behind him. Thankfully, fifteen minutes later, they find him safe.

The hiker gets disoriented on the trails and loses her way. Accidentally tripping on a rock, she tumbles down an embankment and fractures her ankle. Several days later, they discover her – alive.

How inspiring and encouraging when incidents that could have had fatal outcomes instead have happy endings! Such accounts instill hope and goodness to our hearts. And yet, as wonderful as these rescues, there’s an even greater rescue.

Everyone ever born will eventually succumb to physical death. The moment Adam and Eve took of the forbidden fruit, they ushered death into the world. Terrible news, right?

But for all who believe on the Lord Jesus, there exists a rescue of epic portion. Salvation is the greatest discovery ever but it is only effective for those who put their faith in Christ. Have you?

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