I Look Like Who?

He has your eyes.

She has your curly hair.

They have your height and build.

It’s a natural and wonderful thing that children look like their parents. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. Sons may not want to always be reminded that they look like their mothers and likewise that daughters look like their fathers, but it is true.

Such looks affirm who we are and belong to. If you don’t look like either parent, the “stork brought you” reasons will only last so long! The right identity is truly helpful in a confused world!

That’s why believers have been commanded to live like their Savior. We ought to follow His footsteps and our choices should align themselves with His. In so doing, they evidence whose we are as adopted sons of God.

Conversely, if our decisions and patterns look more like the world, great pause should occur concerning our real identity. Since believers have been called to be in this world but not of this world, if we live like this world, we really have dimmed the effect of our light to this world.

So, what distinguishing marks do you possess as a Christian?

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