Come to the Front!

You enter the airplane delighted to know that your upgrade has you in first class seating. Bring on the refreshments!

You walk into the store and flash your membership card. After all, membership has its advantages.

You step in front of the long line and enter through the express lane. After all, you’re a season ticket holder.

You get to skip all your school finals during your senior year because you maintained a certain grade average. You rock!

Yes indeed, it’s nice to have favored status at points in life that allow you to pass by the crowds, enjoy the benefits and be treated like a king or queen – even if for only one day.

Truth is, every Christian has this “favored status” with God. No, it does not usually translate to an easier life on this earth where believers are often chided, ridiculed or ignored. Yet because you have been chosen by God, He extends amazing grace to you at every single turn at every single moment.

Rejoice that in Christ you have such an incredible standing. Not only was Mary highly favored by God in carrying His Son two thousand years ago, so too every single person who puts their faith in Christ is graced with this prominence today. How encouraging in the midst of a challenging life!

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