Trust the Process!

Will I get to the job on time?

Will there be enough money in the account?

Will we ever have “marital bliss”?

Will we ever get a break – even once?

Will that car quit breaking down all the time?

Will the doctor give me a good report today?

Life overflows with concerns and questions each and every day. Though wishing to somehow control more than we can, we walk away frustrated and concerned, hands in the air, losing all hope.

But friend, know that the One who knows has it all under control. Before you were born, in fact before this world was even created, He had a plan and He has not deterred from it. A horizontal perspective will always leave you lacking but a vertical resolve will leave you confident. Listen, you don’t have to have it altogether. Instead, trust the One who does!

Even in the bleakest moment of history as the Savior went toward the cross, God wasn’t at a loss. His plan, as excruciating as it was for His Son, delivered to us the best we could ever imagine. If the Father was at the forefront in His Son’s life at this moment, is there anything too difficult for Him in your life today?

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