Shout It Out!

When you’re sitting in the packed stadium of your home team with tens of thousands of other fans all around you, it’s rather easy to go with the flow and loudly root for your own team. Right?

But what about when you sit in the opponent’s stadium surrounded by fans from their team? Do you find it just as easy to cheer on your team? Or, is it easier to be quiet and unassuming?

The same can be true of our allegiance to Christ. While we sit with other believers on a Sunday morning in church, it’s quite natural to join in with them and sing praises to God and perhaps, even lift up a verbal “Yes” about the Word of God during the message.

But what about Monday morning at your place of employment or your school classroom or your social gathering? Are you as quick to voice your allegiance to Christ? Are you as confident in your faith and the power of the gospel?

It should not matter where you are because He is always with you. When you walk by sight, that’s hard to fathom. But when you walk by faith, you truly believe it. So, don’t let the scenery around you or the people beside you silence your testimony. Live out loud your faith – wherever you are!

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