You're Not Alone

“Honey, where is the Tylenol?” “Excuse me, what aisle would I find the tissues?” “Mommy, my little legs hurt.” “Coach, I’m cramping up!” “Doc, I wake up nearly every morning sick to my stomach.”

Hard to imagine but there was once a time when no one ever had a sniffle, a sore throat, a runny nose, an achy neck, a sore back or any other malady that afflicts our body. True story! Hollywood did not write it and it does not begin with: “Once upon a time…”

In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve enjoyed perfect fellowship with a perfect God in a perfect environment. What could be better, right?

Apparently, Adam and Eve thought they were missing something, so they took of the fruit from the only forbidden tree in the entire garden and … everything changed. Their sin brought God’s curse upon all creation. That’s why we face the health concerns we do each and every day.

Adam and Eve turned away from the Creator and everything went amiss. Friend, turn toward the Creator and experience an altogether different perspective. Yes, you may still get a cold or a headache, but when you know the Creator walks with you and you’re not alone, it’s makes all the difference.

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