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You trip over your feet and fall on your bottom.

You finish your meal but don’t realize some of it still remains on your face.

You sing at the top of your lungs in your car until you turn your head and see the motorist in the car beside you watching.

You paint the wall before your spouse gets home to surprise her, only to realize it’s the wrong wall – and the wrong paint.

You study all night and sit down ready to take the test, only to realize as you begin that you studied the wrong material.

Yes, life is humbling. If you’re on top of the world at the moment, be very sure that a pothole or pitfall is just around the corner. Encouraging, right?

But what if, instead of life humbling you, you took the lead in acknowledging your weakness, your dependence, your insufficiency, your neediness? We don’t usually take the initiative in doing this because it places us in a very vulnerable position, yet it might just be where we see the greatness of God the most.

It’s humbling to admit we don’t have life figured out, we don’t always have it altogether, and most importantly, we haven’t fully comprehended God. Yet, exposed and transparent at the feet of God might just be the very best posture to take up.

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