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You’re bleeding from your head. Don’t you want to know why?

The mechanic tells you it will cost $1,500 to fix your car. Don’t you want to know why?

The water is backing up in your basement. Don’t you want to know why?

Your boss is not only hiring someone else instead of you but also lowering your salary. Don’t you want to know why?

The lawn in your backyard has large patches of dead grass. Don’t you want to know why?

When tough things occur in life, we really do want to know why. Hopefully, it enables us to begin to understand the unpleasant consequence and also, that it not repeat itself.

When we turn to the matter of suffering, we should also desire to know why we’re experiencing it. Yes, in the bigger picture, suffering is part of life in a sin-cursed world. But there may also be other purposes for what we are currently experiencing.

While the thought of suffering primarily has negative connotations in our world today, it really has some very positive benefits. If we will choose to see it through the lens of scripture, much gain avails us. And if we will believe that God walks with us through it, great encouragement awaits.

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