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The man has his head down and is sobbing as he sits by the casket in the funeral home. He must be grieving at the loss of his loved one.

The little girl has her hand up after the teacher asks who might know the answer. She obviously must.

The motorist in front of you is driving super slow. He must be an elderly person.

A lady is going door to door in your neighborhood and now she has just rung your doorbell. She must be selling something.

Every day we make many observations about life. We seek to pick up the clue phone and draw conclusions with the information we have in front of us. It’s what we do.

Unfortunately, we’re not always accurate. We may miss one vital piece of the puzzle.

The man sobbing may be crying joyful tears for the long, fruitful life of his deceased father. The little girl with her hand up may need to go to the bathroom. The driver may be impaired or inexperienced. The lady at your door may be in distress.

Be careful of quickly sizing up the situation. It may just be that you have rushed to a conclusion. Take your time. It may spare you of an awkward situation and grant you greater connectivity.

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