A New Start

A new year is days away and with it, for many, a number of new resolutions.

  • Initiate a regular plan of physical exercise

  • Become more intentional with relationships

  • Begin saving for retirement

  • Write one book or five articles

  • Travel to two new destinations

  • Draft a budget and live by it

  • Spend less time on social media

Whatever your resolutions for a new year, such a turn of the calendar gives us all an opportunity to make changes and alter perspectives for 2020. But if the only revisions we make are temporary, how really important will they ultimately be?

As you look to a new year, consider some spiritual resolutions that will truly make a difference. Purpose to read your Bible more frequently. Share the gospel with at least one person each month. Develop a prayer list and commit to praying daily. Choose to financially give regularly to your local church. Use your spiritual gifts more intentionally in the lives of others.

A new year awaits. Putting Christ first is the very best choice!

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