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A Wild Ride?

This world we live in can be quite loud and large at times.

□ The sirens sounding down the street

□ The latest-breaking news on television

□ The scream of a child in the backyard

□ The tragic death of a well-known celebrity

□ The concerned look of the approaching doctor

□ The volatile week in the stock market

□ The moving away of a lifelong friend

No wonder our lives resemble a roller coaster! When we fix our eyes on the seen, it can overwhelm. The challenges of each new morning can be monumental for many. Every day becomes a whirlwind with our legs shaking and our hands flailing. Where can I get off this ride?

There’s a much greater way to live as a follower of God. Fix your gaze upon Him. Look to Him as you live each moment of each day. View your life through the lens of scripture and not the distorted wisdom of this earth.

When you get God wrong, you get you wrong and you get life wrong. To correct a wrong view of life, get a right view of God. Sound theology leads to a sound life. Because when God is big and man is small, your outlook will take on an uplook!

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