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Aim Higher!

The coach gathers his players together for the final play and imparts some motivating words.

The mother, seeing her apprehensive boy getting ready for his first day of school, pulls the little guy in with a big hug and says, “You got this. You will be okay.”

As the patient prepares for surgery, his doctor arrives prior to the operation to assure him this is routine; everything will go just fine.

Everyday in countless scenarios across our land, encouragement is doled out to those facing challenging, difficult, and fearful moments. Whether in the home, the workplace, the classroom, or the hospital room, words are spoken to infuse air into the sails of those who desperately need hope.

As seemingly helpful in the moment, such reassurance will actually fall short of real encouragement if it is not rooted in the One who orders our steps and stands over the affairs of this world.

If we do not ultimately point others to the Lord, then the source of our inspiring words is this world which is fragmented and imperfect. We must aim much higher. Remind others of the God who holds it altogether and walks with us through every storm of life. He never fails and He will not with us.

He is with us; He is for us; He is over us. Now that’s encouraging!

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