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Always Clocked In!

Mention the word “job” and listen to the responses:

It pays the bills.

I work third shift.

I only have a few years until retirement.

It’s a living.

I can’t wait for the weekend.

I’m looking for a new one.

It’s a … job!

Yet as consuming and demanding and perhaps unfulfilling the job, it has definite parameters and limits. You walk away from it at the end of the day. You put your time in. You clock out.

Yet when we consider the job that God calls us to, this isn’t true. The “work of the ministry” isn’t a part-time calling that has start or stop times. It’s not even a full-time job; it’s an entire-life service.

Although it occurs in a fallen world filled with broken people (and yes, we too are one), it comes endowed with all the spiritual resources we need to accomplish this role. And when we do, it brings the greatest glory to God and the greatest joy to man.

Everyone in the body of Christ has this privilege of service. Are you “clocked in” since there is no “clocking out”?

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