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Are You Floating?

Swimming against the tide isn’t easy; in fact, it can be rather difficult. At times, we are tempted to quit, to coast, to go with the flow. Certainly, floating downstream is so much more comfortable and convenient than swimming upstream.

Yet only one of those two actions is really “action.” Floating downstream or going with the float takes little to no work. It just happens and we passively participate as a spectator with little to no thought.

But, if we choose to swim upstream, that is action! It takes work to go against the resistance of the flow of water. It never seems to end and we can’t call a timeout in the middle of our endeavor and expect the water flow against us to temporarily stop.

Yet, without resistance, we never will “work out” our body and our muscles will soon encounter atrophy. Before we know it, we will soon find ourselves with no resistance to the resistance and we will simply fall in line with the flow without any opposition from us.

This parallels the Christian life. This world opposes us at every step since Satan is the very prince of this world. No wonder we have resistance! Remember, this is not our home, let alone our final stop. Greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world. Go ahead, flex your muscles. Swim upstream for God’s glory!

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