Rush hour traffic slows to a crawl. Your child leaves a wet towel on the carpet. Someone left the carton of milk out overnight. The promised time of delivery came and went. Halfway to your vacation destination, the car tire goes flat. The kids continue to fuss with each other after you’ve told them to chill.

Every day, many scenarios arise where anger takes the opportunity you give it to get the upper hand. One minute mild, the next minute you rival an erupting volcano. Your lava spills out as everyone dives for cover. The steam rises from your ears. It’s not a pretty sight!

Unfortunately, society looks for ways to justify such outbursts:

Everyone blows it every now and then.

It runs in your family.

We all make mistakes.

Actually, most anger is sinful. While there may be moments when we righteously respond in anger, the majority is unrighteous. So instead of rationalizing or excusing, let’s own our transgression. The sooner we do, the sooner we can receive forgiveness and return to a right place with the Lord.

But do know that anger isn’t ultimately the issue. The heart it flows from is the main problem. Let’s begin the exam here.

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