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Bark! Bark!

Man has an affinity for animals. 67% of all homes have a pet with dogs leading the way (53%), followed by cats (36%), fish (10%), birds (5%), reptiles (4%) and horses (1%). Yes, we like our pets!

Though not created in the image of God, animals are given prominence in the Bible. The first time Christ came, as a Babe in a manger, He is called the Lamb of God (John 1:29). When He returns the second time, He is pictured as a lion (Revelation 5:5) seated on a horse (19:11,14). Gentiles are called dogs – but that is not a compliment!

Everything created by God not only has the obvious imprint of Him on it but also has a purpose in it. For the animal kingdom, these creatures display some aspect of what God does, a quality of who God is. No wonder as God finally speaks to Job toward the end of this Old Testament Book, He parades this kingdom before Job as an object lesson of His great splendor!

Life teaches us much. That’s no surprise since God is the instructor, this world is our classroom, and we are the pupils. Every day, lessons arrive at our front door, freshly delivered by God. So, the next time you look at an animal, either by your side or in the city zoo, a teaching point awaits you from the Creator.

He really is preaching to you at all points along the way and He even does so through the animal kingdom. Give a listen today.

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