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Beyond the Starting Blocks

You’re picked for the leading part in the school play. Now what?

She says “Yes” to your marriage proposal. Now what?

You receive the acceptance letter from college. Now what?

The company wants you for the new position. Now what?

Getting our foot in the door is exciting, but that’s only the start. Whether it’s the lead role, a future spouse, the college endeavor, or a new job, it’s only the beginning of something amazing.

How much the more when it pertains to the greatest gift at the greatest price through the greatest act: salvation in Jesus Christ! Trusting in Him unto salvation is incredible – but it’s only the start.

From this miraculous beginning, the best continues to come our way as we grow up in a new family with a new purpose and a new heart and a new destination and a new song.

Having received the gift of eternal life, now we have the privilege to unpack this gift as we begin to walk in this new life in Christ. Everyday brings wonderful new blessings as God showers us with His amazing grace.

Don’t just remain in the starting blocks with this transformational new life. Put on your new shoes and run the spiritual race set before you. Work out what He has worked in.

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